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The fastest way to collect objective snow hardness profiles.

  • Create a snow hardness profile free of human variability in under 10 seconds.
  • Rapidly quantify spatial variability of snowpack layers.
  • Objectively compare profiles across time and space.
Backcountry skiing in the Wasatch
What's Inside
  • Senses critical weak layers with a custom force transducer.
  • Collects and processes 5000 samples every second.
  • Sensitive enough to pick up the lightest powder and durable enough to handle whatever is under your snowpack.
  • Connects seamlessly to iOS and Android devices
  • Fuses a suite of sensors for maximum depth accuracy.
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries at temps down to -20 C.
Time to Create Profile Minimum Layer Thickness Detectable Data Points Per Meter of Depth Human Error Automatic recording and sharing.
Avatech Scope SCOPE 10 seconds 3mm 1000 No Yes
Hand Hardness Profile 10 minutes 10mm maximum 40 Yes No
RAM Penetrometer 20 minutes 15mm maximum 25 Somewhat No
How It Works

 Create a snow profile by probing the scope into the snowpack.

Collecting hardness profile with Avatech Scope

 Data is wirelessly transferred to your iPhone or Android device for viewing.

Avatech Scope Profile

View, analyze, annotate, and share snowpack observations directly on your phone while in the field.

Avatech Mobile app map view Avatech Mobile Scope grid view Avatech Mobile Scope profile view

Augment your snowpit observations and test results with a standardized hardness profile and automatic time/location tagging.

Share detailed snowpack data instantly across devices, teams, and the community.

Avatech Web app map view

Create a historical record of snowpack observations within our platform, or export to use with your current systems.

Our Story

    Avatech was started over 5 years ago by a group of MIT students inspired by the avalanche problem. Since those days it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster: from hacking prototypes together in a Cambridge incubator, to traveling around the world learning from avalanche professionals, to riding the highs and lows of building a VC funded company in Park City, UT. While the original company pivoted away from the snow professional community, and most of the original team has since moved on, the Avatech technology still exists.

Avatech skiing wasatch couloir
Avatech engineering scope by headlamp

Avatech is now a small and passionate group of engineers and skiers dedicated to bringing a technology more than half a decade in the making to an industry that we have spent even longer learning from.

Our goal is to deliver on our original promise of developing technology that will address the key spatial, temporal, and human variability issues that make snowpack analysis so difficult. We are not trying to replace the snowpit and trained professionals with fancy electronics. On the contrary, we want to enhance the current systems: making it easier to record and analyze data when snowpits are dug, and providing the tools to quickly see into the snow pack when they aren’t.

We’re doing this by designing innovative sensor and data analysis tools for snow science and avalanche industry professionals. With objective measurement tools, we hope to increase our understanding of snow and improve avalanche prediction, education, and decision making. Our mission is to build technology that engenders better data, sound science, and safer powder turns.

Partner With Us

A limited quantity of Scope probes are available to purchase for the 2019-2020 winter season. We are looking for motivated individuals and organizations to get this technology out into the snow.

If you are interested in purchasing a probe or partnering with us, please signup below or email contact@avatech.com.

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